Here’s How You Can Detan Naturally Using Mango Pulp

Here's How You Can Detan Naturally Using Mango PulpNew

Summers are here in full swing and so is the need to binge on summer fruit like mango. Mango is not only delicious but also packs a host of health benefiting properties. It can do wonders for your overall health, provided it’s consumed in moderation. Other than its consumption, mango can be used on the face as well in the form of face packs. Mango pulp when applied onto the skin can treat a host of skin problems, one of which being tanned skin. With summer comes tanned skin. A lot of us look out for various beauty treatments to get rid of that summer tan. However, not many know that the same condition can be treated using natural stuff like mango. This humble summer fruit can be used to get rid of even the most stubborn tan. In order to get rid of that tanned skin, here are a few mango face packs that can come to great help. Read on to know how they can be applied.

1. Mango Pulp Face Pack

Having an uneven skin complexion could be a nightmare for many. In order to get rid of the same, mango pulp can prove to be quite beneficial. Mango has exfoliating properties that can help in keeping the skin well hydrated. Just extract mango pulp and rub it over your face for around 2-3 minutes. Allow it to stay for 5 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Doing so will help you bring back the glow back after a tan, further improving your skin complexion. Repeat the procedure thrice a week to see effective results.

mango pulp

Mango pulp can help you get rid of the summer tan

2. Mango And Besan Face Pack

This particular face pack can effectively keep tanned skin at bay. To make this face pack, you need to have pulp of ripe mango, two teaspoons of besan, 1/2 teaspoon of honey and few ground almonds. Take a bowl and add mango pulp in it. Then add Bengal gram flour (besan), almonds and honey into the pulp. Mix the ingredients properly to get a smooth paste-like consistency. Gently rub over the face and allow it to stay for around 10-12 minutes. Once it is done, rinse off with water. Use this face pack twice and watch out for results.

mango puree

This particular face pack can effectively keep tanned skin at bay

3. Mango And Curd Face Pack

If you happen to have an oily skin, then this face pack is just apt for you. Apart from the goodness of mangoes, this face pack has curd and honey as well. These ingredients are readily available in the kitchen and can help you fight with pigmentation and tanning in one go. Extract pulp from a ripe mango and add 1 tablespoon of curd and 1 teaspoons of honey in it. Mix the ingredients well. However, make sure that the face pack is of thick consistency. Apply this pack on your face and wash it off after 10 minutes.

curd face pack

This face pack will help you fight with pigmentation and tanning in one go

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of this refreshing and healthy summer fruit by making the above mentioned face packs and say bye-bye to tanned skin.


Can the Mediterranean Diet Protect You Against Air Pollution Health Risks?

Image result for The Mediterranean diet emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and olive oil. G.steph.rocket / CC BY-SA 4.0The Mediterranean diet emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and olive oil. G.steph.rocket / CC BY-SA 4.0

Air pollution is a serious and growing public health concern. Ninety-five percent of the Earth’s population breathes unsafe air, and scientists are discovering more and more health risks associated with doing so.

However, since the solution to air pollution depends on political decisions and technological innovation, it is hard for individuals to know how to protect themselves. Until now. A new study has found that eating a Mediterranean diet might limit the long-term health impacts of certain types of deadly air pollution, Time reported Monday.

Researchers at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine compared the health outcomes for almost 550,000 Americans near the age of 62 over 17 years based on their exposure to particulate matter, nitrous oxide and ozone and how closely their eating habits matched the Mediterranean diet of fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, legumes, whole grains and olive oil. They found that Mediterranean-type eaters were less likely than others to die after exposure to particulate matter and nitrous oxide.

The findings were presented at the American Thoracic Society 2018 International Conference taking place from May 18 to 23 in San Diego.

“[A]doption of a Mediterranean diet has the potential to reduce the effects of air pollution in a substantial population in the United States,” senior study author George Thurston said in a press release published by ScienceDaily.

Thurston explained that the Mediterranean diet is high in antioxidants, so the findings backed the hypothesis that air pollution harms human health by increasing inflammation.

“Given the benefits we found of a diet high in anti-oxidants, our results are consistent with the hypothesis that particle air pollution caused by fossil fuel combustion adversely affects health by inducing oxidative stress and inflammation,” he said.

The study builds on previous research indicating that an antioxidant rich diet can mitigate the health impacts of short-term exposure to air pollution.

“What we did not know was whether diet can influence the association between long-term air pollution exposure and health effects,” NYU School of Medicine doctoral student Chris C. Lim said in the press release.

They found that, for those who did not stick to a Mediterranean diet, deaths overall increased by 5 percent for every 10 parts per billion (ppb) increase in long-term nitrous oxide exposure, compared to 2 percent for those who followed the diet most strictly.

When it came to cardiovascular disease deaths, those increased by 10 percent per 10 ppb increase in nitrous oxide exposure for those who least followed the diet compared to two percent for those who most followed it.

Heart attack deaths due to nitrous oxide exposure increased by 12 percent per ppb compared to 4 percent per ppb for the least and most adherent to the diet.

For particulate matter, cardiac disease deaths increased by 17 percent per 10 micrgrams per cubic meter of increased exposure for those who least followed the diet compared to 5 percent per 10 micrograms per cubic meter for those who most followed it, and heart attack deaths increased by 20 percent per 10 micrograms per cubic meter for the least adherent compared to 5 percent for the most faithful.

Following a Mediterranean diet was not found to improve health outcomes following ozone exposure.

While Time pointed out that more research needs to be done before it is assured that a dietary change can provide a bulwark against air pollution, you won’t hurt your health, or your taste buds, by switching to a Mediterranean diet just in case.

As Lim told Time, “Eat your veggies.”


Netflix Now Supports HDR Streaming on Windows 10 PCs: What You Need to Know

Netflix Now Supports HDR Streaming on Windows 10 PCs: What You Need to Know

Popular video streaming platform Netflix, on Wednesday, announced the rollout of High Dynamic Range or HDR support on Windows 10 for both the Edge browser and the standalone Netflix Windows 10 app. Netflix users will require a premium plan and an HDR10-capable device for viewing HDR content on Windows 10.

The feature will be available for PCs running Intel’s 7th generation Core (i3, i5, or i7 7xxx or 7Yxx) or higher CPUs. These processors are needed to play the Netflix HDR10 encodes. In case of Intel’s integrated GPU, graphics driver: 22.XX.XX series, version 4708 or higher is required.

If the PC is running a discreet Nvidia GPU, models GeForce GTX 1050, GeForce GTX 1060, GeForce GTX 1070, or GeForce GTX 1080, at least 3GB of video RAM is required alongside graphics driver: 387.68 ( or higher. On the software front, Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) or higher is required. Of course, and HDR-capable display is also required.

Microsoft recently added the necessary software APIs for developers to incorporate HDR support in the latest Fall Creators Update.

Netflix claims that it has over 200 hours of HDR content in its library, and expects increased distribution considering the fact that more HDR-capable PCs might come into the market in 2018. HDR capabilities are currently available on high-end TV models as well as some flagship smartphones like the Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 among others.

“With HDR enabled, fans can immerse themselves in the delicious colours of Chef’s Table, the terrifying depths of the Upside Down in Stranger Things 2, and enjoy the upcoming Netflix film Bright starring Will Smith,” said Netflix in a blog post on Medium.

Netflix India, earlier this month, released binge watching statistics for 2017.


New App Uses Crowdsourcing to Find You an EpiPen in an Emergency


Many people at risk for severe allergic reactions to things like peanuts and bee stings carry EpiPens. These tools inject the medication epinephrine into one’s bloodstream to control immune responses immediately. But exposure can turn into life-threatening situations in a flash: Without EpiPens, people could suffer anaphylactic shock in less than 15 minutes as they wait for an ambulance. Being without an EpiPen or other auto-injector can have deadly consequences.

EPIMADA, a new app created by researchers at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, is designed to save the lives of people who go into anaphylactic shock when they don’t have EpiPens handy. The app uses the same type of algorithms that ride-hailing services use to match drivers and riders by location—in this case, EPIMADA matches people in distress with nearby strangers carrying EpiPens. David Schwartz, director of the university’s Social Intelligence Lab and one of the app’s co-creators, toldThe Jerusalem Post that the app currently has hundreds of users. Registered users are required to have an epinephrine prescription, and must apply (by emailing to join the community.

EPIMADA serves as a way to crowdsource medication from fellow patients who might be close by and able to help. While it may seem unlikely that people would rush to give up their own expensive life-saving tool for a stranger, EPIMADA co-creator Michal Gaziel Yablowitz, a doctoral student in the Social Intelligence Lab, explained in a press release that “preliminary research results show that allergy patients are highly motivated to give their personal EpiPen to patient-peers in immediate need.”

EpiPen is easy to use, so even though fellow allergy sufferers may not have medical training, it’s a relatively low-risk venture to ask them to treat a stranger the same way they’d treat themselves. The tool could be especially useful for children, who may be most likely to forget their EpiPens.

The app is currently available only in Israel, but the idea could be applicable across the world, for multiple life-threatening conditions. The researchers are collaborating on similar patient-to-patient apps elsewhere, including one in Philadelphia connecting people who carry the opioid overdose reversal medication naloxone.


Huawei P20 and P20 smartphones launched: All you need to know

Huawei has launched the P20 series, in Paris yesterday which includes three phones, the P20, P20 Pro and the Porsche Design Mate RS. While chances are slim for the Porsche Design Mate RS version to be available in India, we are hoping that the rest of the bunch make it to the Indian coast soon. And as it stands, the P20 line up has been of much hype in the tech community for some time now. These phones are the flagships that everyone has been waiting for.

March 2018 hasn’t ended completely and we have seen three or four, big phone launches already. Samsung has been working overtime to push its S9 series and the newly launched Note 9 series, Huawei with the P20 Pro, has hit a home run for this season, we think.

The P20 will be available in 2 colours i.e Graphite Black & Midnight Blue, and the P20 Pro will get two additional gradient colour versions called the Twilight and the Pink Gold. Out of the two phones, we are really excited about the Pro version. Why? Because it has three cameras. Correction, three Leica cameras built into the chassis.

But first lets look at the basics. In the box you get the phone, SIM ejector tool, Huawei supercharge 4.5amps power plug, USB type C cable, USB type C to 3.5mm audio jack convertor and type C earphones. The phones feature a glass back and prominent Leica branding on the back. On the front is a 18.7:9 ratio, 2244 x 1080 pixels (~ 408 ppi density) OLED screen which features a smaller “than iPhone X” notch. Just below the screen is a fingerprint sensor. At the bottom you get a time see convert airport and two girls, one micro phone and the other is the speaker. On the right hand side, you have a power button with a red line on it, like all Leica products, and volume rocker buttons. These buttons are very tactile. On the top, you get a noise cancellation microphone and an infrared blaster. And on the left hand side, is the hybrid dual SIM tray. The phone runs on an octa-core HiSilicon KIRIN 970 chipset, with four cores working at 2.4GHz and the other four cores running at 1.8Ghz. This device also gets the top of the line, MALI G72MP12 GP. This entire set up is powered up by a 4000 mAh battery in the P20 Pro. The P20 however, gets a 3400 mAh battery.

The star feature on the P20 Pro, is a three camera set up. Camera one is a 40 MP RGB f/1.8 sensor by Leica, the second camera is a dedicated monochrome 20 MP f/1.6 sensor. Both these sensors are housed in an iPhone like casing. The third camera is a 8 MP f/2.4 telephoto lens. All the rear cameras get AIS ( All Image Stabilisation, a mixture of optical and digital image stabilisation) and 5x zoom. The front camera is also a beast in itself, being a 24 MP selfie camera with all the latest bells and whistles in the camera application. Needless to say, this makes the device 4K video ready and how?

Taking into consideration, both software and hardware upgrades in terms of camera, the powerful sensors and the smart UI, this phone , in our opinion has come the closest to pixel in terms of AI functionalities.

And I just couldn’t “not talk about” the Porsche Design Mate RS version of the P20 Pro. First have a look.

I like the rear layout of the RS better. The RS version gets a bigger screen, because the fingerprint scanner has been moved to the back panel. And the Leica sensors are just yum. The RS will be launched in two colours, Graphite Black and Lava Red. the phone comes with Aerospace Cooling technology, making it a more efficient phone in terms of power consumption. Additionally, the Mate RS packs Dual SLS speakers with super linear sound and Dolby Atmos systems.

The Huawei P20 will probably be priced at ~ INR.52000, whereas the P20 Pro will cost ~ INR. 72,000. Huawei has revealed that all three phones will be available globally, however, in India, the ‘how’ and ‘where’ are yet to be confirmed. This is yet another “watch out for” smartphone of 2018.


Windows 10 build 17661 (and earlier) for PC: Everything you need to know

As part of the Redstone 5 development, Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 build 17661 for PCs enrolled in the Fast ring and the Fast ring using the Skip Ahead option. This new test preview introduces a small set of features and several changes over previous releases, which the company plans to deliver with the second major update expected to come out in 2018.

Windows 10 build 17661 introduces a new snipping experience, Fluent Design tweaks, changes in the Settings app for Focus assist and Sound, improvements to the High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) support, minor modifications related to input, and a lot more.

Alongside build 17661, there have been a few other builds released in April, including 17655 and 17650, which were just minor updates, but they also introduce several changes we’ll see later in the year.

In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll get a closer look at the new improvements and features that Microsoft is planning to release with the Redstone 5 update.

Windows 10 Redstone 5 latest features and improvements

Here’s everything that Microsoft has been working on the last three Windows 10 Insider Preview builds:

Task View and Action Center

Starting with build 17661, based on feedback, Windows 10 now enables the Acrylic transparency with blur effect part of Fluent Design in the Task View background.

In addition, Action Center now includes a new Screen snip button in the Quick action section to open the new snipping tool experience.

File Explorer

File Explorer is not getting visual changes, but in this build, the experience is adding more integration features using High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF).

Starting with this flight, you can rotate a HEIF image file — right-click the file and select “Rotate right” or “Rotate left” from the context menu.

Image source: Microsoft

Also, accessing the file’s properties, it’s now possible to edit metadata information, including “Date taken” and other info through the Details tab.

If you’re not familiar, HEIF is an image container that uses codecs like HEVC to improve compression, quality, and other advantages over older file formats, such as PNG, JPEG, and GIF.


Windows 10 build 17661 also updates the Settings app as Microsoft continues to consolidate all settings under one experience to eventually retire Control Panel.


On Settings > System, the Sound page now includes “Device properties” on the Settings app. Simply click the link under the output device, and it’ll take you to a new page, where you can change the name of the device, and select the spatial audio you want to use.

You can also click the link under the input device to change the name of your microphone.

Notifications & actions

On Settings > System, the Notifications & actions page, under “Quick actions,” you can add or remove the new Screen snip button in Action Center.

Focus assist

On Settings > System, the Focus assist page has been updated to enable the feature automatically when you’re playing any games in full-screen mode. Previously, this option was available for DirectX exclusive games.

However, in order for this feature to work, you have to make sure the “When I’m playing a game” option is enabled under “Automatic rules.”

Pen & Windows Ink

On Settings > Devices, the Pen & Windows Ink page is getting an update making available a new Screen Snipping option, under Pen shortcuts, giving you the ability to start using the new screenshot tool with one click using the pen.

Image source: Microsoft

Also, the page includes a new option that allows the pen to work just like a mouse, instead of panning and scrolling the screen.

Family & other users

On Settings > Accounts, in the Family & other users page, you won’t find significant changes, but the “Set up assigned access” option now is grouped under the “Device lockdown” section.

Region & language

On Settings > Time & Language, the Region & language page, the language options page now lists additional features, such as language pack, in addition to handwriting and speech. If some of the features aren’t installed, you’ll now see a button download directly from the options pages.

Also, on “Region & language,” you can see at glance whether the language is your default for apps and display language.


On Settings > Ease of Access, the Keyboard page now includes an option that lets you set the Print Screen button on your keyboard as the default to launch the new screenshot tool.

The option is called Use the Print Screen key to launch screen snipping,, and it’s located under the “Print Screen key” section.



Starting with Windows 10 build 17661, using emojis, the skin tones will appear in a row view, instead of you having to click a button to access the different tones.

In addition, you’ll also find additional tweaks to the emoji panel, including a new message to let users know that they can simply open the panel and start typing to search for an emoji, and the bottom no longer shows the buttons using a gray background.


The handwriting panel now includes a delete (backspace) button in the top level menu, and Microsoft says that button to switch languages is now under “…” menu.


On this flight, Windows 10 is also modifying the out-of-box experience (OOBE) to include a new page allowing you to enable activity history sync, which is an essential feature to use Timeline across devices.

Snipping experience

On Windows 10 build 17661, Microsoft is introducing a new experience to take screenshots on your computer.

Originally, Screen Sketch was a feature part of Windows Ink, now it’s an entirely separate application that can take screenshots, offers many tools to annotate them, and it’s an app that now gets updated through the Microsoft store.

The app is very straightforward, you can open it just like any other app from the Start menu, but you can also use the Windows key + Shift + S keyboard shortcut or clicking the Screen snip button in the “Quick actions” section in Action Center to bring up the screenshot tools (Rectangular clip, Freeform clip, and Fullscreen clip).

Once you take a screenshot, the capture will be copied to the clipboard so you can paste it on any application. However, the experience will also create a notification in Action Center that you can open with Screen Sketch to edit, annotate, and quickly share it with anyone you want.

The tools available in the Screen Sketch app includes a snipping button, option to open images and undo and redo buttons. In the middle, you’ll find the annotation tools, including three different markers, eraser, ruler, and an option for touch annotation.

On the far right, you’ll find your Save and Copy to clipboard options, and the button to share the capture using the Share experience.

Also, there’s a new option in the keyboard settings page, which allows you to replace the Print Screen button to take a screenshot using the new experience instead.

Windows Security

The Windows Defender Security Center app now becomes “Windows Security,” and on build 17661, the app adds some changes to make it easier to understand threats and actions that need your attention.

Since build 17650, the experience now includes Fluent Design tweaks, and as a result, you’ll now see the Acrylic material effect in the navigation pane, the Reveal effect when hovering items, and the app now takes the system color.

Other improvements

Along with all the features and changes, Windows 10 build 17661 also includes a number of other minor improvements. For example, as part of the Ease of Access improvements, Narrator now is much better at communicating the use of Sets.

When hovering over the Start button in the taskbar, you’ll now see a “Start” tooltip.

Starting with this flight, Microsoft is once again making available Sets in the Fast ring, but only for a select number of users.

If you write in Chinese (Simplified), you’ll find a few interesting changes in this release, including a new Input Method Editor (IME) toolbar that now supports the dark theme mode of Windows 10, and there’s a new logo for the Microsoft Pinyin IME.

Image source: Microsoft

The extended context menu for IME in the taskbar now includes a “bunch of options,” and the emoji panel now works in the IME toolbar.

Image source: Microsoft

On build 17655, Windows 10 includes a new Mobile Broadband (MBB) USB class driver for devices with SIM card and USB modem support. This new driver is based on the new Net Adapter framework stack that was originally released with Windows 10 version 1703.

Finally, starting with build 17650, you can add rules for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) process in the Windows Firewall. In addition, since this flight, the default firewall is also able to show notifications for WSL processes.

Wrapping things up

Although this flight falls into the minor release category, it’s still a significant preview, as it’s the first build revealing numerous visual changes and new features.

As a reminder, always consider to install pre-releases of Windows 10 on a spare computer or virtual machine. It’s never recommended to use Insider builds on your primary device due to the fact that you may come across errors, problems, and possible data loss. At least, you should always make a full backup of your computerbefore installing the latest preview, in the case things don’t go well, and you need to rollback.

According to Microsoft, moving forward Windows 10 previews for the Redstone 5 development will be available in both, through the Fast ring and Skip Ahead lane.

What do you think about the progress that Microsoft is making with the Windows 10 Redstone 5 update? Tell us in the comments.