This Is How Long It Actually Takes For A Supplement To Kick in

Ever reached for a multivitamin at the first sign of a sniffle, in the desperate hope you can ward off the dreaded flu before the full-blown symptoms hit? Yup, we’ve all been there and we know what it feels like to want results fast.

That’s why we hit up Jessica Sepel, nutritionist and founder of JSHealth Vitamins, for her expert intel as to how long it actually takes for supplements to take effect.

How long does it usually take to notice a difference after taking a supplement?

It really depends on what’s in the supplement. If you’re lacking in minerals and nutrients, it can take a few days for supplements to kick in. From personal and clinical experience, iodine can work within days. It’s a great source of energy production because of its ability to enhance the thyroid and metabolism, which drives energy. Many people are so iodine deficient that when they start supplementing it they notice a difference in energy and mental clarity within a few days. Generally speaking, it takes around three to six weeks for noticeable changes.

Will the severity of your deficiency determine how quickly you start to feel better?

Yes, definitely. If you’re deficient, you’ll notice how much better you feel when you start supplementing with those minerals.

What about the cause of the deficiency? 

The cause of deficiency can be brought on by several factors such as diet, digestion, stress, IBS, inability to absorb nutrients, the state of your digestive function, the foods you’re eating and the soil in the country that you live in.

Does the time of day you take the supplement make a difference? 

I tell my clients to take supplements first thing in the morning with breakfast. Some supplements contain minerals that help with energy production, so it’s great to boost that at the beginning of your day.

How does the quality and dosage of the supplements come into play?

Where you source your nutrients and minerals does matter.

What foods can inhibit supplement absorption?

It’s best to avoid taking supplements 30 minutes before or after coffee. Taking this product with food is important because taking zinc on an empty stomach can make people nauseous.

What foods can help supplement absorption?

It’s definitely important to take care of your gut as having healthy microbiome helps you absorb your minerals with ease.  It’s beneficial to take a daily probiotic, practice stress reduction and increase your intake of fibre, nuts, seeds, and greens, too. I also recommend reducing your intake of gluten, refined carbohydrates and refined sugar and ensuring your stomach is acidic enough by adding lemon or apple cider vinegar to water.


BlackBerry Patents New Camera Design, May Appear in A Priv Successor This Year

A patent for a new camera design has been granted to BlackBerry by the World Intellectual Patent Organization. The patent is titled “Electronic device and method of controlling same for capturing digital images,” and images provided show that it may be limited to devices with a slide mechanism.

The patent photos are of a phone that looks like the BlackBerry Priv with a slide out keyboard. Beneath the slide out keyboard is a front facing speaker.

BlackBerry Camera Patent

Unlike the Priv which has its rear camera on the back of the part that houses the keyboard, the diagram in the patent has the camera (504) on the display part. What appears to be another camera (520) is referred to as an auxiliary lens.

The patent description explains that the auxiliary lens “may be any suitable lens to provide further digital camera functionality”. It may be a wide-angle lens for capturing more area in a photo, a fish-eye lens, a zoom lens, or a macro lens. Just imagine the various lenses of a DSLR camera but on a much smaller scale. However, in this case, you will most likely be left with one type of lens.

BlackBerry Camera Patent

When you want to use the additional functionality of the auxiliary lens, you slide the phone down. For normal photos, you slide the device up. The hole labelled 522 is actually an optically clear cap to let the LED flash pass through when the phone is contracted. Since this is just like the Priv which has dual flash, the second hole serves the same function as 522.

Apart from the patent, TCL who is one of the current licensees of the BlackBerry brand also registered to trademark the name “Uni”. Last year, TCL trademarked the word “KEYone” before MWC and that became the name of the device which was initially referred to as BlackBerry Mercury.

UNI trademark

While one may think the new name may be related to an upcoming BlackBerry phone, the Trademark Electronic Search System reveals it is related to a VR device. If you also remember, the VR glasses that can be purchased with the Idol 5 is called the UNI360 VR Goggles.

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BlackBerry Mobile is reported to have two phones scheduled for release this year. Both will have QWERTY keyboards but the design is not yet known. There is a possibility one may be the device shown in the patent above while the other will be a successor to the KEYone.