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Grab a Free PC Game Right Now and Keep it Forever

Image result for Grab a Free PC Game Right Now and Keep it ForeverEvery week we report on a new free PC game from the Epic Games Store and Epic isn’t the only store that gives away free games, after all. Indiegala has a nice free PC game for everyone to grab right now and if they take advantage of this freebie before the offer expires, it will be yours to keep forever.

The free PC game from Indiegala is Ceville, a point-and-click adventure game that sounds pretty good. Released all the way back in February 2009, Ceville has a 9/10 rating on Steam from user reviews and sits at 7.3 critic review average on Metacritic, with a user review average coming in at 7.6.

The game is free at the time of writing and there is no indication when the freebie offer will end, so grab this one as soon as you see it pop up. For those who need more convincing to grab a free PC game, check out a description and trailer for Ceville below. Keep in mind that there are no strings attached and all you need to do is create a free Indiegala account in order to grab this game.

The mean cruel cold blooded tyrant Ceville ruthlessly rules the beautiful kingdom of Faeryanis. Or rather, he used to rule the beautiful kingdom of Faeryanis, until the brave people revolted against his regime and drove him out of the palace.


  • Up to three simultaniously playable characters with weird but loveable personalities
  • Bizarre characters from stock-broker dwarves and hippie-elves who populate the fairy-tale realm of Faeryanis
  • Various locations all over Faerynis, like the Not-So-Hidden druid circle, the (former) Elven Forest, The Dwarven Mines of Mount Goldmore and more! a variety of puzzles, many of which that can only be solved by teamwork of two (or more) player characters
  • Tons of humour