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Fitness tips: three stretches to try at home

Pigeon pose soothes a tight lower back.

 Pigeon pose soothes a tight lower back. Photograph: Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images

LungThis stretch targets the hip flexors, which become tight if you sit for long periods. Lunge your right leg back, putting your knee on the floor. Keep your left leg forward, shin vertical. Put your hands on your left knee, lengthening your right leg back to stretch your right hip. Build up to holding this for five minutes on each hip.

Puppy dog This is good for anyone with a tight upper back, who struggles to lift their arms above their head. Lie flat on your front, then push your bum into the air until it’s above your knees. Extend your arms in front of you and put your forehead on the floor (or chin or chest, if you are more flexible). Build up to holding this for about two minutes.

Pigeon This soothes a tight lower back, and is good after a long drive. Sit on the floor in a lunge position with your right foot forward and your left leg extended behind you. Move your right foot across your body, and drop your right knee to the ground, so your right shin is parallel to the body. The more flexible you are, the more parallel your shin will be. Hold for two minutes.