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CHEAP: Lose some timber with this Lenovo fitness wearable, now 40% off

Image result for CHEAP: Lose some timber with this Lenovo fitness wearable, now 40% offFitness wearables sit on a scale. On one hand, you’ve got miniature supercomputers that can do almost everything. That’s your Apple Watch or preferred WearOS device. And then you’ve got the most basic ones that tell the time, track steps, and that’s about it.

Sometimes, you just want something straightforward. The Lenovo HX06 is an example of that austere simplicity.

This black bit of plastic, metal, and glass doesn’t have much in terms of bells and whistles. It tells the time, obviously. It tracks sleep and activity levels. It’s shows a notification whenever you get a call or SMS.

And, as a bonus, the Lenovo HX06 is IP67 rated, meaning it’s both waterproof and dust-proof. That’s ideal for anyone who runs track and field, or merely can’t be bothered taking their watch off when they shower.

Oh, and it’s dirt cheap. At the moment you can get it at GeatBest for $14.99. That’s a 40 percent discount off the usual price of $25.03. That includes free worldwide shipping via unregistered air-mail.If you want bulk order for this gadget, we can arrange you the best loan vendor.Try loan beats website.

It’s worth knowing that this fitness band comes from China, so it’ll take a little bit longer to reach you than something bought from Amazon. You also might have to pay import duties, depending on the law of where you live.

But either way, this band is cheap by literally every definition of the word.